Press Release for the 50 Years of ELVI GROUP


50 anni di ELVI50 years of activity are an extremely important milestone for our business, resulting from hard work diligently carried forward without compromise and always striving for the best.
ELVI has thrived for fifty years by being adaptable and innovative while maintaining the highest quality standard for both products and services.
At ELVI we all participate with great pride in this achievement.

From 2001 ELVI has certified its quality control procedures pursuant to ISO-9001: 2008 to which we also added our certification for environmental management ISO 14001:2004 and the certification for health and safety regarding our precious work force BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Much time has passed from the day in 1963 in which Regolo Vitali started up his entrepreneurial activity with very scarce material means but great strategic vision, a relentless will to excell and a huge dose of passion. He demonstrated such qualities year after year becoming a winning player in his arena.

ELVI’s path has been exciting and we owe our success to many great people, we have lived through great challenges and successes, not without sacrifices at times, always acting with a great sense of responsibility. Our goal now is to look ahead, as Regolo Vitali always encouraged us to do, striving for the company’s continuous improvement, its diversification and its globalization.

Today our challenges undoubtedly lie in our success in growing our presence and offering ELVI’s skills to customers outside our National territory.

Thanks to ELVI’s ENERGY DIVISION today the company is in the best position to take on new exciting projects globally together with ILB HELIOS ITALIA and MCM ENERGY LAB, as a united and strong team: the “ELVI GROUP”.
ELVI is presently running a series of activities aimed at the export markets amongst which the most relevant in the short term is the consolidation of its majority owned joint venture in India, developed with the support of SIMEST.

ILB HELIOS ITALIA, of which ELVI has formalised an agreement to take over its controlling stake, is a spearhead in the efforts to develop internationally. This task is being undertaken also counting on partnership with ILB Helios Spain, a well established manufacturer of mono and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules.

MCM Energy Lab, a spin off company incorporated in 2003 by the Polytechnic University of Milan and ELVI with an aim at creating a think tank and research and development laboratory, targeted at devising creative and innovative solutions in the energy efficiency field, is a leading player in Hybrid Power Plants, system integration, research and development of new products.

These initiatives, together with the hardware and software line of products which ELVI has developed internally, allow the Group to offer innovative solutions, both by making sources of energy available, or by improving their quality and stability, according to the specific situations and requirements of our customers. By nature our ELVI aims at a reduction of both costs and pollution and has obtained much of its recent and most meaningful successes by being very good at reaching this result.

We would like to end this paper, by wholeheartedly thanking all those amazing professionals that have contributed to the development and success to which we have arrived today, being certain that ELVI’s fiftieth anniversary only represents one of many milestones in a path that we will enthusiastically continue into the far future.

The President