Analysis and design of hi-tech systems

“Success and customer satisfaction define the results we achieve”

uffico software02 Undoubtedly, the knowledge that we have the potential to resolve all problems as they arise is reassuring.
Whether it be a minor issue relating to compliance, a more complex problem that requires a combination of solutions, or even a unique circumstance that demands specific problem-solving techniques, we know we have the necessary resources on hand. We can rely upon our expertise to customise a response and we are never caught unawares.
ELVI’s Engineering Department is a true “laboratory of ideas”; there are no grey areas and the requirements of the customer are always correctly interpreted and carried out during all along the line – from the design and development phases onwards.
Design activities are carried out using linked CAD and EPLAN networks connected to a dedicated server that manages all archives and document libraries, thus providing instant access to (and organisation of) the desired equipment/instrumentation, terminal strips, cable listings and functional drawings.
The Engineering Department also develops specific software for the following requirements:

  • Microchip,
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC);
  • Drivers;
  • Operator Interfaces;
  • SCADA;
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) .hdw

The development output data satisfies all individual system requirements, integrating the required software with the best products available on the market at the date of system conception.
Elvi Group can also provide consultations, requirement analysis, feasibility studies and detailed design services.