Other applications

Elvi, on the strength of its experience and capabilities, has constantly set its goals further and further away. We are forever searching for, and accepting, new challenges in different areas – eager to diversify and provide our customers with avant-garde solutions and top quality equipment in response to market demand.

  • Textile Industry – Spinning Production Lines,
  • Marine Applications – Dimming systems, Bridge Control Systems, Auxiliary Control Panels (Combining engineering and design features)
  • Construction Industry – Tile Production Lines (Germany) [Application with hot back CPUs]
  • Waste Disposal – Plasma Torches (Design and manufacture of 250 kw chopper)
  • Telemetry Stations – Control Systems for Dams and Hydroelectric Power (Critical environment applications)
  • Rail Transport – Signalling Control Systems (Design and manufcture of SIL4-certified products)