Industrial system controllers

Ability and Flexibility: those are the qualities we pride ourselves on when developing industrial controllers. Particular attention is paid to the following requirements:

  • Applicable Standards ( IEC, NEMA, UL, ………..)
  • Shape, size and non-standard component requirements
  • Protection rates ( IP…), ventilation and/or air conditioning systems
  • Integrated “turnkey” solutions in customised, fully-equipped, self-contained cabinet/cubicle structures.

We can personalise any system to suit the demands of the customer.

  • Low Voltage Power Centres
  • Electronic Power Systems (activators, inverters and choppers) to control and monitor AC and/or DC motors and magnets.
  • Nominal Power Motor Control Systems with fixed or extractable control boxes; ranging from a fraction of a Kw to over and above 1 Mw per unit.
  • Low voltage Power Factor Rectifiers
  • Programmable Automation Controllers.
  • Industrial PC Cabinets (hubs, switches, patch panels)
  • Operator Control Desks and Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Mobile Command and Control Stations (stand-alone or wall-mounted)
  • Instrument panels
  • High voltage protection panels
  • Synoptics