About us

“a successful company’s history is a summary of its objectives and achievements”

50 anni di ELVIElvi (short for Elettrotecnica Vitali) was founded in Delebio, Italy, in 1963 to address the problems raised by INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION.
Motivation and dedication have been our strength since then, ensuring constant growth and expansion. Today Elvi is the backbone and major shareholder of the Elvi Group; a flexible and dynamic group of individuals eager to confront new challenges. Whatever the challenge may present us with, we have innovative ideas, specialised trouble-shooters, Elviskilled industrial organisers and proven, interchangeable methodologies. The Elvi name guarantees reliability and capability; but also the right dose of versatility to ensure a constructive, two-way dialogue with customers.
We can, and do, meet the demands of our era……….translating those demands into reality.
The company stands on a private area covering an area of 12,000 m₂ – 3,700 m₂ of which indoor facilities.